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  • Custom Manufacturing

    Cauffiel’s detail oriented dseigners and engineers can produce machinery tocustom specifications. Don’tsettle for “almost,” get exactly what you need.

  • Installation

    Good tools need to work well on day one and fit in to your production work-flow. Factory installation gaurantees a flawless addition to your workforce.

  • Operator Training

    The Operator is the most important piece of the equipment. Proper training ensures safe, effective and efficient use of your new machinery

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  • Industry Convention

    Starting to be that time of year….CONVENTION TIME!  It is starting to be that time of year again when all the industry conventions start to pop up. You receive the e-mails, the flyers, and promotional offerings. Rather you are an attendee with a booth or just a visitor, do you find these conventions to be […]

  • Toll Processing, R&D and Conversion

    Do you have materials that need Toll Processing, R&D Conversion?  When it comes to manufacturing some of the best steel, it can be hard to house a full size machine in your facility. Toll processing is certainly an efficient way to go.  Toll processing is simply outsourcing  your steel to be  processed to your exact […]

  • Next generation of manufacturing

    Next Generation of Manufacturing  The baby boomer generation has set some high expectations in the manufacturing industry. How are we going to motivate the next generation to put forth the same effort and dedication. As many think manufacturing is just a simple job of pushing buttons and pulling levers, when, in reality, it is not. […]

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Cauffiel Corporation has a complete engineering and manufacturing facility. Our manufacturing facility has over 107,000 square feet and is equipped...

Toledo. 11-50 employees